Canadian Town Offers Jobs and 2 Acres of Land to Anyone Interested to Move There

With a picturesque location and lots of beautiful spots to enjoy, the island of Cape Breton located at the eastern end of Nova Scotia, Canada is a great place to visit – and live in! If you are fond of adventure and nature, then you might want to check out their awesome offer for you to come and live there – you even get to have a job and 2 acres of land once you get there!

The general store, The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market, posted an enticing ad and invitation on its Facebook page. They offer part of their land to anyone interested and qualified to work with them. These people immediately receive their 2 acres once they arrive and sign the contract though ownership is only transferred to them after they had worked with the business for 5 years.

Photo credit: Bright Side ME -  edgewoodstudio/alimark
Photo credit: Bright Side MEedgewoodstudio/alimark

According to the ad, the pay is not really high but considering they’re giving you 2 acres of land, that’s already quite a good deal! I’d pack up my bags and fly there if I was qualified!

Sadly, the offer is only available to Canadian citizens or those who are legally authorized to work in Canada because Cape Breton is not part of the country’s Foreign Worker Program.

The good news is that according to Bright Side ME, you actually need just two documents to be qualified for a job in Canada: “an invitation from a Canadian employer approved by the Ministry of Employment and Social Development of Canada, and a Work Permit which is issued after obtaining a temporary visa.”

So, if you love nature and enjoy living in a beautiful town away from the big cities, then this might be the fulfillment of your dreams…


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Posted by The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market on Sunday, August 28, 2016

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