The internet is abuzz over a video taken at General Santos City’s (GenSan) London Beach in the Philippines wherein the tourists claimed they saw a mermaid swimming in the sea.

If you believe in mermaids, then this would be a good time to visit GenSan to look for this one yet with the video not really showing a clearer image of the creature, it is highly doubtful that it was a real mermaid.

Certainly, it was a sea creature they saw – perhaps a dugong (manatee) which has long been suspected to be the “mermaids of the sea” because of their form and swimming style.

I would imagine mermaids to be similar to those in the Pirates of the Caribbean: beautiful, half-fish women who can be quite deadly, too.

But if that creature in the video had been a real mermaid, I wouldn’t think it would try to go to surface again after that close call, right? What do you think?

Watch the video and tell us whether you think this is a real mermaid or just another sea creature.