Chef Cooks GF, Calmly Calls Electrician to Fix Things after Boiling Broth causes Power Outage in His Home

Gruesome details have emerged in the murder-suicide case against a chef who cooked his transgender girlfriend in the oven before calmly calling an electrician to fix things after the boiling broth caused a power outage in his home.

Police are still trying to determine the motive for the crime but what was certain is that chef Marcus Volke killed his transgender girlfriend Mayang Prasetyo in his high-end apartment in Brisbane in Queensland, Australia before chopping her to manageable pieces so he could dispose of the body without suspicion.

Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

After chopping Prasetyo to pieces, Volke stashed some of her parts inside the washing machine and in the closet. Then, he put some parts in a large cooking pot which he placed a pot but the boiling broth spilled into the oven and caused a power outage in his apartment.

This prompted the chef to calmly call an electrician to fix the problem. The authorities released the chilling details of what happened next.

Volke called 24-hour electrician Brad Coyne for help:

Yeah I got a bit of a problem. Um, I was cooking on my stove, it’s an electric stove and the stock pot boiled over, dripped down and got into the oven and basically made this big bang and then all the power turned off.

Does it sound like something you’d be able to fix today?

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Coyne noticed a horrible smell when he entered Volke’s house but the latter told him it was due to the pig’s broth he was cooking that had gotten stale due to the power outage.

We went into the bathroom which had laundry in it and there was a cupboard that had the washing machine in it – which I didn’t know at the time had bits of his wife’s body in it, like her head and arms,” Coyne would later tell the media.

But the electrician got suspicious when he saw large trash bags and chemicals in the apartment. So, after fixing things up, he told the building manager about the potential problem.

When Constable Liam McWhinney and his partner Senior Constable Bryan Reid arrived, Volke didn’t appear suspicious but when they asked to search his apartment, he told them he’d secure his dogs first (he didn’t have any). Then, he fled and cops gave chase.

At some point, the chef knew he was going to be caught; thus, he cut himself in the throat and hid in an industrial bin. The trail of blood led the police to his dead body.

Photo credit: Viral Thread

Upon checking Volke’s apartment, the cops saw feet protruding from the boiling pot. At first, they thought it was a prank but both were shocked to learn that these belonged to Prasetyo. Yuck!

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