Chinese Student Desires Losing Weight to Look Fit, Urine Turns Black After Muscles Die Due to 1 Hour Continuous Cycling at the Gym

After final examinations, a high school student from Wuhun China named Xiao Lan decided to enrol in a weight-loss program in a fitness gym to shed extra fats from her recent body weight of 75kg.  She was determined to lose weight and desired to have a different look before the school re-opens and to stun her classmates by looking fit on the first day.

Photo : Sinchew

But few days after extensive training at the gym where she continuously did 1-hour cycling workouts, Lan complained her legs were so swollen and painful until she noticed that the color of her urine had turned into black, somehow like the color of a soy sauce.

Worried about her condition, she went to the hospital for a medical assessment. The doctors were horrified after the result of her laboratory tests had come out which revealed that her myoglobin had reached above 20,000 which was very far from the normal range which was between 100 and 200.

Photo : Sinchew

According to Sinchew, Lan was diagnosed of having Rhabdomyolysis, a condition where muscle fibers release contents into the bloodstream which can cause serious complications leading to kidney failure and worse, could lead to death.

The doctor concluded that Lan’s condition was most likely because of her sudden engagement in tremendous exercise wherein her muscles weren’t used to until her muscles had failed and released enzymes and myoglobin into the bloodstream.

Photo : Sinchew

Lan was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital where she was closely monitored and luckily, she was reported to be in stable condition after liquids had been restored in her body and toxins had been flushed out from her bloodstream.

Photo : Sinchew

Doctors reminded fitness enthusiasts to gradually increase the intensity of workouts in the gym and to take rest should the leg muscles start to feel painful.  The body should also be supplied with enough water to replace the fluids lost during perspiration and for toxins to be removed from the bloodstream.

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