Chinese Woman Crawls Under Police Car, Tells Officers to Release Her Husband

A woman from China staged a protest by crawling under a police car, pretending to be sick because her husband was arrested for a minor traffic offense. What?

Image: World of Buzz

The couple was identified as Quan and Wang. They were riding a motorbike with their daughter when they were stopped by the cops during a routine police check. Upon inspection, Wang was asked to present his official riding or driving documents which he failed to present either his driver’s license or his motor bike’s registration papers.

So, he was directed towards the patrol car because he needs to go to the police station for further questions.

Suddenly, his wife, Quan said she felt sick and crawled under the police mobile while their daughter was crying, looking at them.

The police calmly tried to negotiate with her but she refused to listen and told the police officers to release her husband. They refused and called an ambulance to assist her. As soon as the paramedics arrived, she looked as if she’s having a seizure, with her fingers were curling.

After an hour of lying under the vehicle, the paramedics finally managed to convince Quan to stand up and they took her and her daughter to the hospital for a check-up.

It just goes to show that there are some people who would do anything just to protect and help their loved ones even if it would cost them their dignity and their safety. We do hope that Quan will feel better.

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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