Chupacabras are similar to the “aswang” and “sigbin” of the Philippines as well as to other mythical shape-shifting creatures around the world that suck blood from their victims.

Legendary cryptids believed to suck blood from their victims, often animals, in the same way vampires suck blood from humans, chupacabras can be quite scary. But just as ghosts and other scary characters do not really show themselves, it can be difficult to prove that chupacabras exist – if they existed, of course.

Their existence is “proved” by unexplained incidents such as animals found dead, with wounds on their necks and already drained of blood! Over the years, however, there have sightings of the creatures yet only a few have been caught on camera.

Animal experts deny the existence of chupacabras, saying these supposed sightings are just abnormally large dogs or other animals suffering from a severe form of mange. But because it is quite difficult to catch a chupacabra, there is no way to really check whether these are really just dogs or are an entirely different species altogether. Hmmmm…does this mean they would always remain to be a mystery? Well, for now, all we can do is speculate.

Now, check out this video of chupacabra sightings:

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