Cop Accidentally Films Himself ‘Planting’ Drugs, Creating Fake Crime Scene

While the drug problem is something that hounds many countries in the world today, a lot of people are still advocating the proper, honest way of dealing with this issue – because sometimes, the ones that are supposed to uphold the law are actually the ones who break them!

For instance, there’s this cop in Baltimore who allegedly filmed himself ‘planting’ drugs and creating a fake crime scene at the alleyway outside a suspect’s house. The said suspect was later arrested and had to stay in jail since January because he had to money to post bail.

In the video that has since gone viral on Twitter, the cop could be seen putting a bag filled with what looked like drugs among the pile of trash by the alleyway. Two other cops were also caught on the video, just watching the first cop do it.

Screenshot from video by Justin Fenton / Twitter

He then walked back to street and turned on his body cam before walking back to where he ‘planted’ the drugs and supposedly making the discovery. He probably failed to remember or had no idea that the body cams issued to their department actually records video continuously and saves 30 seconds of footage right before the camera is turned on and set to record.

While the suspect was arrested for the drugs last January and had to stay there because he could not pay the $50,000 bail, crime reporter Justin Fenton discovered the footage. Not only did he send it to the prosecutor, the clip was also uploaded on Twitter where it quickly went viral.

Many people expressed anger that the innocent man had to serve a jail sentence over a crime he did not commit, others said that this is a reality in today’s world where cops make a fake crime scene and ‘plant’ fake evidence so they can ‘solve’ the crime faster.

Watch the footage here:

The Baltimore Police Department said they are now conducting an internal investigation on the matter.

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