Angry that his car was towed and he had to walk some 15 miles to his home, a guy named Jordan found a way to pay back the towing company for the inconvenience without breaking the law.

Together with some friends, Jordan went to the towing company to pay the $88 fine he was charged so he could get his car back. But Jordan wanted to get even by using pennies – totaling 8,800 – to pay the charges.

The girl at the counter was taken aback by his mode of payment and refused to accept the money even when Jordan insisted it was legal tender. The girl called her manager to report this pesky customer while Jordan called the cops to his aid because, after all, he was not breaking the law by paying pennies yet the towing company would not release his car.

The cops arrived and asked as mediator between the two – and, guess what? They upheld Jordan’s rights and his car was released a short while later.

Here’s the video of the incident:

Jordan is lucky, though, as some cops are not as sympathetic with “pranksters” like him. A number of people who tried the same trick received the harsher side of the law and were fined for their foolish actions.

Watch this video: