Cops Discover Oversized “Dolls” Made from Bodies of Dead Children at the Home of a Russian Historian

Checking reports about a man having lots of strange dolls in his house and following up on reports of possible desecration in graves at several cemeteries in the area, police discovered something really disturbing when they visited a Russian historian named Anatoly Yurevych Moskvin: his house was full of oversized “dolls” which are actually bodies of dead children!

Moskvin readily cooperated with the police on their investigation, admitting that he processed the bodies by drying them at the cemetery using a combination of baking soda and salt.

One of the children Moskvin dug and turned into a doll
Photo credit: Wicked Horror

When asked why he did this, Moskvin said he just wanted to prepare the bodies so that when the time comes that he finds a way to bring them back from the dead, they would be ready. He claimed that the children’s spirits talk to him and that he never removed a body from the cemetery without that child’s permission.

During the early years of his obsession which he claimed to have been over 20 years, Moskvin would stay at the cemetery and sleep there to keep the “children” company but as he became older, this became physically difficult and painful for him to do; thus, he began bringing the children home.

Photo credit: Wicked Horror

Because the bodies shrink, he would open them up and stuff the insides with strips of cloth to regain fullness. For those whose faces begin to decompose, he would place wax and paint the face with nail polish.

Moskvin claimed that he never had any sexual desires with the “dolls” but treat them as his own children, talking to them, reading them bedtime stories, and even holding birthday parties.

Photo credit: Mirror UK
Photo credit: Mirror UK / Police files

As a recluse who was always considered by his peers as eccentric, no one suspected about Moskvin’s strange activities especially because he actually had a ‘valid’ reason for always being at the cemetery – because he was commissioned by colleague Oleg Riabov in 2005 to summarize the list of the dead in over 700 cemeteries in the forty regions of the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia.

Instead of going through records, he personally went to the cemeteries to document the work!

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