Cops Discover Oversized “Dolls” Made from Bodies of Dead Children at the Home of a Russian Historian

His peculiar activities were only discovered in 2011, following reports that he desecrated some graves at one cemetery. All the 26 bodies missing in the cemetery were found at his house but police investigating the case made a gruesome discovery: there were hundreds of various grave accoutrements, plenty of photos of open graves with disinterred bodies, and other strange objects.

Photo credit: Wicked Horror

But while he was suspected of desecrating over 150 graves, only 26 bodies were actually found in his house.

He was set to face charges for the desecration of graves and dead bodies under Article 244 of the Criminal Code, a crime that carries a 5-year sentence, but the court found him unfit for trial after psychiatrists established that he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.

Photo credit: Wicked Horror

He was brought to a psychiatric treatment at a clinic where he continues to stay there because the regular psychiatric examination always comes out with the same results. As of 2016, all requests for extension to his psychiatric treatment have been approved.

At this rate, it is highly likely that the 50-year-old Moskvin will remain in the facility for the rest of his life.

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