Cops Looking for Crib at Yard Sale to Help Poor Family, End Up Also Helping a Mom Get Over Her Son’s Untimely Death

Samantha Swaney and her husband having a yard sale when cops arrived; she got nervous at first because she had not obtained a permit for the yard sale but what happened next was something that touched not just her heart but many others as well.

The police had another reason for coming to the yard sale. They weren’t there to arrest the Swaneys but were hoping they had a crib for sale.

Earlier that day, the two cops had been to a home in the neighborhood to answer a call for help over an unresponsive infant and both were shocked to discover there was no crib in the house; thus, the cops decided to pool what money they have to find a crib for that baby – and they were hoping to get one from a yard sale as they didn’t really have much money to spare.

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The cops were surprised to see Samantha crying after they told her their plan. It turned out that while the couple wasn’t selling a crib in their yard sale, they actually had one in the attic – because their son died some years ago but the grieving mom just couldn’t let go of his crib.

When the cops told the story of the kid in the neighborhood needing help, she realized that it was time to let go of her dead son and give that crib to save the other kid’s life.

She later wrote on Facebook, “These two [gentlemen] did so much more than they knew… They rushed to the aid of someone in our community, saved the life of a little baby, and helped her parents. And they gave me a way to let go of one of the biggest things I was holding onto from my son’s cut-short life.

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Isn’t this a beautiful story? All of them ended up with something that helped one another! And it all started because these two cops were kind enough to help a family in need…

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