Twenty four-year-old bike rider Cody Munoz and his girlfriend were waiting for the light to change at a traffic stop when they were assaulted by Lee Schismenos, 51, without provocation. It appears that the road rage driver, who is being called “Gollum” by several netizens on YouTube, got angry because the motorcyclist was lane splitting.

Now, according to SF Globe, lane splitting (when motorcyclists drive down the path between two lanes of cars) is not illegal in any state of the US and is, in fact, legal in California as long as the motorcyclist does it in a safe manner. The incident happened in Arizona.

It was a good thing that Munoz caught everything on his helmet camera.

In the video, the road rage driver could be seen quickly storming out of his car and confronting Munoz, punching him on the face. Schismenos also attacked Munoz’s girlfriend.

Netizens would later praise Munoz for keeping his calm at such a situation. Instead of punching the old man back, Munoz only pinned him to the ground and asked for help from other drivers. He also instructed his girlfriend to call the cops.

Shocked that his tactics did not work, Schismenos tried to blame Munoz and his girlfriend, claiming they attacked him first but was soon speechless after being told the incident was caught on camera. Munoz filed multiple charges against him, including endangerment, threatening, and assault; though he did not go to jail as he claimed he broke his ankle in the shoving match.

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