WATCH: Creepy Cat Accurately ‘Predicts’ the Deaths of Over 100 Humans! A ‘Grim Reaper’ Cat?

Cats aren’t always the friendliest of pets – and even those who own cats know that their temperaments are different than those of dogs but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great as pets, anyway. But there’s a cat whose visit you’d surely dread – because he has ‘predicted’ the deaths of over 100 humans at a nursing home! Creepy, isn’t it?

Oscar the ‘Grim Reaper Cat’ lives in Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island in the US. Raised there since he was a kitten, Oscar soon developed the reputation of being a snob; he was rather aloof to most of the residents and staff of the nursing home.

But while he remained selective with his human friends, Oscar had a rather strange ability of ‘predicting’ the deaths of the nursing home’s residents. As if he senses that this particular person is about to die, Oscar would hang out at the resident’s room for hours.

Photo by Cat Defender

He would sometimes go closer to the resident and give him/her a cuddle, something that is quite uncharacteristic of the ‘snob’ cat. Oscar would actually ‘stay until the end’. After the resident ****, he goes out of the room and stay in the common areas – until another old resident is dying. Rather strange, right?

For this, Oscar earned the reputation of being a ‘Grim Reaper’. But while many find it creepy that Oscar only does this to dying people, his presence is believed to give comfort to those who were on their ***** beds.

Dr. David Dosa, of the nursing home’s doctors, revealed, “He doesn’t make too many mistakes. He seems to understand when patients are about to die.

His uncanny ability was questioned one day when the staff placed him in the room of a woman who was already having trouble breathing, he refused to stay inside. The staff thought his predictive ability was broken but the woman actually held on! Several days later, Oscar voluntarily went to the woman’s room and stayed; she died two hours later.

Dosa and the nursing staff admit that they couldn’t explain Oscar’s ability but when he visits a room, they know it is time to call that resident’s family so they can have the chance to say goodbye…

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