Dad and Son Make the Most of Flood from Hurricane Matthew by Fishing from Their Porch… And Caught a Huge Fish!

Making the most out of a bad situation, a father and son went fishing from their porch in the floods brought by Typhoon Matthew. While they were just doing it for fun, amazingly, they were actually able to catch a fish – and a huge one at that!

Dad had only wanted to bond with his son while they were stuck in their home because of the floods. The rains had stopped but the flood waters had not yet receded.

Composite of screenshots from video by Russell Jinnette
Composite of screenshots from video by Russell Jinnette

They did not really expect to catch anything in those waters yet a big catfish took the bait and they were able to reel it in! Good job, dad, for teaching your kid how to ‘make lemonade’ after life threw you lemons – and it would certainly be a great memory that would last forever!

Plus, this kid has now gone viral and would be such a hit with his classmates when school returns! That’s the coolest thing ever!

Check out the video here:

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