Dad Rocks a Pretty Mermaid Outfit for His Little Girl… Would You Do This for Your Kid?

While it is getting quite common to see moms and their daughters wearing matching outfits (and also matching outfits for dads and their sons), it is not always easy for men to dress up in women’s clothing just to please their daughters!

For this reason, we give extra credit to this awesome dad who rocked a pretty mermaid outfit to match the one worn by his little princess – and he was so comfortable with his masculinity that he didn’t mind walking in public wearing that outfit!

Photo credit: Love What Matters / Facebook
Photo credit: Love What Matters / Facebook

He must have surely gotten a lot of curious stares that day yet this dad did not mind as long as he keeps his daughter happy.

Some people joked, however, that he was actually the one who wanted to wear the outfit and having that girl gave him the perfect excuse to wear it. LOL.

Whether that’s the case or not, it is still amazing that he would go to such great lengths to make his daughter happy…

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