Dad Surprises the Audience after His Daughter Insisted on Dancing with Him

On her twelfth birthday, Jessica Hanley wanted to do something extra special with dad, comedian Mike Hanley. So, she insisted that he take center stage with her and dance. Although he wanted to stay at the sidelines so his daughter will continue to be the star of the night throughout her party, Jessica insisted. So, Mike relented…

As you might have already expected, the dance started out with some traditional music and moves. But you must remember that this is a 12-year-old’s birthday party – so it wouldn’t stop with a rather traditional dance, right?

In about a minute into the traditional dance, the music changed to something funky. Although dad pretended he doesn’t want to dance with his daughter in this new age music, she won the round and her dad began to dance. It was fun to watch these two move in time with the fun-filled music.

I guess it would be much fun if other dads would also be like Mike…

Watch this adorable daddy-daughter dance here:

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