Dancer Who Lost Her Legs in an Earthquake, Teaches Herself to Dance Again

In 2008, a devastating earthquake struck Sichuan, China that left almost 90,000 people presumed dead and almost 375,000 injured.

Liao Zhi is one of the survivors of this deathly earthquake. She lived in a three-story apartment with her family when the disaster struck. The disastrous earthquake caused the building to collapse, burying her and her 10-month-old daughter.

Luckily, Liao was eventually rescued, unfortunately, she lost her legs. Seven months after, her husband left her.

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While recovering in the hospital, volunteers asked her if she wants to dance in a show which she immediately agreed thinking that it would be her last performance. Prior to the incident, she was a dance teacher. Though she hadn’t been fitted with prosthetics at that time, her performance wowed the audience and the netizens.

“I had to kneel from start to finish, and the wounds were still bandaged as there was more surgery to come. My [mom] saw me during rehearsals and she cried, asking me to give it up,” Liao said in an interview with South China Morning Post.

Image: Women of China

After being fitted with prosthetics, she taught herself to dance again. She has won the reality dance contest “Dance Out My Life” in 2013. Not only did she learned how to dance again, she also finished a 5-km marathon in Shanghai also way back the same year wherein she used prosthetic legs made especially for running.

Image: Viral 4 Real

She met Charles Wang, a prosthetic specialist and they got married a year after.

“Right after I lost my legs, I felt deep regret about not being able to wear high heels, which I love. I felt dejected whenever I heard the sounds of high heels clacking on the floor, but my husband helped me get a pair of prosthetics specifically for wearing high heels. I care a lot about how my artificial limbs look. I want them to look beautiful. My friends helped me design them. Now, I have seven pairs with different shapes, packaging and functions,” she said.

Her extraordinary story was made into a play entitled “Angel’s Psalm” which was shown at Kwai Tsing in 2015.

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