David Beckham Earns Praise for Helping Old Lady Who Collapsed and Hit Head on the Street

An elderly lady fell and hit her head while crossing a street in Kensington, London just as the evening rush hour began. A number of people stopped by to help the old woman, with someone flagging a passing fire engine.

But netizens were soon gushing over another Good Samaritan who helped the old lady: David Beckham!

The Beckhams’ London home is near the scene and it so happened that Becks was passing by. The retired footballer checked on the woman and offered her a bottle of water. Then, to ensure that the other vehicles won’t hit the woman or the first responders at the scene, Beckham stopped his car to block the traffic next to the old lady.

Sally Biddal was one of those who was helping the old lady. She was delighted to see Beckham, and especially admired him for stopping by to help. She snapped a photo of the scene and posted it on social media.

Biddal wrote, “Was helping an old lady who fell over on my lunch break and guess who drives up to help? David Beckham. That’s who. What a gentleman.

Photo credit: Sally Biddall

The London Fire Brigade also confirmed the incident and Beckham’s assistance.

At around 16.45 a fire engine was flagged down to an elderly woman who had tripped when crossing the road and fell and hit her head,” the London Fire Brigade wrote in a statement.

David Beckham was parked nearby and had already given her a bottle of water. He assisted and when the ambulance arrived was thanked and told he could move on.

The action was met with mixed reactions, however, because not all netizens believe that Beckham was of any help at all. In fact, many are saying he was just ‘rubber necking’ at the accident scene and offering a bottle of water wasn’t exactly ‘helping’, they said.

But many ladies believe otherwise. A number wrote, “If I passed out and wake up to see David Beckham helping me, I would surely pass out again.” LOL.