Did You Know That You Can Do These 7 Things with Your Android Smartphone?

Smartphones are called such because they are capable of doing a lot of things. Android smartphones are packed with special features which were never really part of a basic phone but were supposed to make its owner more productive.

Here are seven things you can do with your Android smartphones which you may not be aware of:


  1. Save battery power

Smartphone’s battery slowly draining? You can turn off pixel lighting to slow down the battery discharge. Though not all android devices have this feature, smartphones and tablets from major brands have this capability.

  1. Play a secret game without downloading or installing an app

Devices that run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread onwards have a secret game that can be accessed by going to Phone Settings—About Phone—Android Version. Tap Android Version several times until a lollipop appears on the screen. Long press on the lollipop and the secret game will open.

  1. Let other devices connect to the internet using your Android device

You won’t need a modem to connect your other devices to the internet. All you need is a mobile internet connection and your Wi-Fi hotspot enabled by going to Settings—Tethering and Portable Hotspot. You can also put a password so that not all devices can connect to you.

  1. Control your phone hands-free

EVA Facial Mouse is a free downloadable app for your android device that lets you use your phone through head movement if you cannot use your hands to control your phone.

  1. Magnify the contents of your screen

You don’t need to increase your font size so you can read what’s on your screen. You just need to activate your screen magnifier through Settings-Accessibility—Magnification. Once activated, you only need to triple tap on the area on your screen you want to be magnified.

  1. Listen to your text messages or other information

If you’re too busy to read your messages, just simply tap Settings–Accessibility—Text-to-Speech and you can have your phone read your messages for you.

  1. Secure your data when your phone gets lost

It’s the probably the most horrifying thing to lost your phone. When it happens, you can erase your data on your phone, change your screen-unlock password, and lock the screen REMOTELY. How to do this? Just go to Settings—Security—Device Manager.  Once activated, you can do all the things previously mentioned to secure your phone and your data even if you don’t physically have your phone.


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