Disabled Dad Uses Hands to Walk So He Could Escort Daughter to Her Graduation from Law School, Receives Cheers from Amazed Crowd

They might be poor and unable to even buy the cheapest wheelchair in the market but one couple was able to send their daughter to school where she would later earn a degree and soon become a lawyer.

But what made the father of the family even more inspiring is that he walks using his hands – and his daughter was quite proud of him despite everything.

Alexandre José da Silva, 79, of Brazil had lost use of his legs when he was still 15 years old, due to an undiagnosed spinal cord condition. He went on the marry Maria with whom he had a total of eleven children; sadly, only three of their children survived.

Despite the hardships they faced, the couple tried their best to send their kids to school. Rosany Caetano, 30, worked lots of odd jobs so she could go finish a college degree, knowing her parents couldn’t afford the tuition fees. She proceeded to law school as she planned to become a lawyer, not just to help people but to also earn money for the family so she could finally buy her father an electric wheelchair.

Photo credit: NTD TV

Rosany is the first person in the family to ever earn a degree.

It was a wonderful experience to have my parents with me at my graduation ceremony. It was very emotional because I’ve dreamed about making them so proud of me for so long. They have been my inspiration throughout my five years of studying,” Rosany revealed.

I had to live away from home and work part-time doing all sorts of jobs from cleaning to waitressing to support myself through the course,” she added. “My parents helped where they could but what they lacked in money they more than made up with love, encouragement and the amazing example of how they’ve led their lives.

They instilled in me a determination to succeed and a fighting spirit that refuses to give up.

Alexandre and Maria escorted their daughter on her graduation day. To their surprise, the crowd cheered them, seeing that the graduate’s father walks on hands, not feet! There was thunderous applause from the audience as they felt truly amazed with this disabled dad and his brilliant daughter.

Photo credit: NTD TV

Alexandre was quite surprised with the attention, saying he didn’t think he was special.

He is an upbeat and unselfish person who doesn’t see himself as deficient or helpless because he has overcome so much,” Rosany revealed.

My dream is to buy an electric wheelchair for my dad. He has always walked this way and can still stand and balance well but he’s getting increasingly tired and needs the rest.

My parents are now suffering from a few health problems and I’ll be working really hard to make sure they have all the medication and support they need to make their lives better.