How do you prepare “coconut milk dog”? Well, you have to bury half of its body, then feed it for 30 days with coconut milk so it will have “sweeter meat”, perfect for barbecues – that’s according to a “recipe” Coconuts Bangkok stumbled upon.

Photo credit: Coconuts Bangkok

Photo credit: Coconuts Bangkok

It appears that some people believe this supposed recipe is for real.

A group of construction workers in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand is under investigation for their alleged involvement in the poor treatment of a dog which was dying when public health officers found it half buried close to where the construction workers were camping.

Asked whether they knew who buried the dog, the construction workers only shrugged their shoulders but admitted to having fed the dog because they had supposedly taken pity of its plight.

Animal advocates of Watchdog Thailand are searching for answers in this bizarre case but believe the construction workers had a hand in this incident as the dog was located quite near where they were camping out and it would have been impossible for them not to have heard it even if they did not notice someone burying half of its body.

The dog is now recovering after the terrible ordeal but half of its body is still severely wounded. At the moment, the dog still could not walk but Watchdog Thailand is positive it will survive as it is already doing well considering it was at the brink of death.

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