A child named Hernan has Down Syndrome. According to his mother, Hernan does not interact well with people, choosing to play by himself and shunning attention.

One day, his mother allowed him to play outside. Their dog, Himalaya, was there. The canine began to make friends with the reluctant Hernan who kept moving backwards and pushing the dog away.

Despite the clear rejection, Himalaya continued to play with Hernan, moving forward each time the child moves away. He would place his head or paws on the child’s lap but would sometimes nibble playfully at the child’s hand while he is being pushed away.

The heartwarming video tugs at the heartstrings. Watch it here:

Although there were negative comments about how the mother should have removed the child from the scene because he appears to be pushing the dog away and did not like the interaction, many are actually in favor of her actions because the child has to learn to interact with others.

Also, she later informed the media that Hernan and Himalaya have become good friends after that first reluctant start to their friendship.