Dog Goes Viral for Hilarious Reaction While Watching a Scary Movie

Do your pets love watching movies with you? Well, most pets actually ignore what’s happening on the TV screen at home as they are busy playing or even sleeping and minding their own business but there are pets who are curios enough to check out what their masters are enjoying on TV.

Take for example this adorable dog who had recently gone viral for its hilarious reaction while watching a scary movie.

Screenshot from video shared by Bugle Post
Screenshot from video shared by Bugle Post

At first, the dog was sitting straight up on the couch, watching intently at what was happening on screen. But when a particularly scary moment appears on screen, the dog disappeared from its comfortable and alert position – and was seen cowering behind a pillow, with a rather scared look on its face! LOL. Poor dog…

I wish its owner would watch something more exciting for this adorable dog – perhaps “The Secret Life of Pets”?

Dog reaction to a scary movie.

Posted by Bugle Post on Monday, June 20, 2016