Have you ever experienced walking the dog but it suddenly stops because of something scary – then it turns out it was just an ordinary thing but the dog is still scared of it, anyway?

Well, that’s what happened to Hank the dog while he was out walking with his human. The two of them were out on a peaceful walk when the dog sensed something creepy across the road. His body bristled with fear and apprehension as he continued watching the scary things waiting to attack him.

After some time, Hank must have realized the things have no plans to immediately attack him, so he cautiously moved to investigate; though he was still on heightened alert just in case the things decided to quickly jump on him.

But you’ll surely laugh when you learn what those things actually are! I bet the dog has not seen them before…but it is just so funny to see him so afraid of such very harmless objects. Of course, he did not know that but it was definitely hilarious to watch him, anyway.

Here’s the video…