Drunk Driver in Hit-and-Run Accident Finds Out the Victims Were His Wife and Son

One man was so drunk and in a hurry to go home after a party that when he hit an electric scooter carrying a woman and a child at a dark street, he sped off thinking he’d get away with the crime. But he found out later that the victims were actually his wife and son – and the boy died… Do you think that’s karma?

The incident happened last March 22 in Zibo, a city in the province of Shandong, China.

The man was identified as Zhang who had gone to a party at a relative’s home.

Photo credit: Shanghaiist

Because he and his wife had arrived separately to the venue, and he was drunk at the end of the party, Zhang’s wife thought it would be better if she and her son would just go home using their scooter while he goes home by himself. She was afraid they would meet an accident if he’s the one driving.

Little did the wife know that she was right – the drunk Zhang would meet an accident! But while she was able to prevent them from getting in an accident as passengers in Zhang’s van, he would still be the one responsible for their son’s death in a rather bizarre twist of fate.

On the way home, Zhang hit the scooter. But at his drunk state and the street being dark, Zhang quickly fled the scene, unaware that he had hit his wife and son.

Residents at nearby houses rushed outside after hearing the crash but Zhang had already fled. They called an ambulance but the boy was declared dead on arrival while Zhang’s wife was in critical condition.

Photo credit: Shanghaiist

Cops investigating the accident were able to retrieve his van’s license plates from nearby CCTVs. It was morning by the time the cops were able to trace him. He was brought to the scene of the accident where he cried his heart out, expressing deep remorse over what he had done but it was too late; his son was already dead and his wife is also at the brink of death.

While it’s unsure whether he could still have saved his family had he stopped when the accident happened and brought them to the hospital, one thing is for sure: he shouldn’t have been driving when he was drunk!

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