Duo Performs a Beautiful Ukulele Rendition of ‘Bodysurfing’ that will Sweep You off Your Feet

Honoka Katayama, 18, and Azita Ganjali, 15, are two sassy teens from Hawaii who are taking ukulele into mainstream for the past few years. The duo are not sisters like they seem to be but both started playing together last 2013 when they met at Ukulele Hale studio in Honolulu where they took weekly lessons.

Photo: Facebook / Honoka and Azita

Since then, the duo has been performing across the world and is quite popular in Facebook and YouTube. It all started when they uploaded a video in YouTube playing ukulele just for fun. The video hits several million views and this kick started their careers as professional ukulele performers.

This feat is particularly amazing considering that the ukulele is one of the lesser known and least used string instruments.

Ukulele videos in YouTube are not exactly new but the duo’s liveliness and smiles made their videos more captivating. Honoka and Azita are still very young so a lot is still expected from them for the upcoming years.

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