Dying Billionaire in Myanmar, Distributes His Money to the Poor Because He Can’t Bring Riches to the Afterlife!

A dying billionaire in Myanmar has earned praise on social media after supposedly distributing his money to the poor, saying he can’t bring his riches to the afterlife anyway.

In a video that has gone viral on Facebook page, Danified, men in in long-sleeved polo shirts could be seen handing out wads of cash to a long line of people who proceeded to bow down in front of a man wearing white and sitting on a chair.

Screenshot from video by Danified / Facebook

This man in white is visibly sick; although he tries his best to sit on the chair as the people thanked him for his generosity.

The video did not identify this man, where exactly he was from, and how much money he gave away but if this was for real, then he truly deserves the praise he is getting on social media. After all, while it is a fact of life that we can’t bring our wealth to the afterlife, not too many people are willing to part with their money before they die, especially giving it to people who are not related to them at all!

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