Eagle-Eyed Netizens Spot ‘Headless’ Woman at Wedding of Couple Who Met Through a Christmas Box

People have been gushing over the story of a Filipina woman and an American guy who got married some 14 years after he sent a Christmas box to some random kid but while most netizens loved their story, some eagle-eyed ones also noticed something rather strange in one of their wedding photos – a supposedly ‘headless’ woman!

A photo showing the couple happily posing for the camera at their wedding held in Idaho surfaced recently, going viral along with their story. Tyler Wolfe and Joana Marchan certainly looked like this was the best day of their lives – and it really was! After all, they believe that they were soulmates brought together by that Christmas shoebox back when they were kids.

A post of RachFeed points to the photo, showing the woman who was clad in blue gown and standing at the background of the couple.

Photo credit: Ty Wolfe / Facebook

While this seemed like another random wedding photo, netizens took notice of the fact that the woman appeared to be headless in this snapshot! Is she a ghost?

The woman in the background did appear to be quite intriguing but others think the woman only ‘lost’ her head because of the light streaming on her hair and face. Perhaps she’s blonde and the sunlight easily reflected off her hair, leading to her seemingly headless photo?

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