Effective but Easy-to-Do Mouse Trap Goes Viral, But Sparks Debate on Animal Cruelty

Mice and rats are pests that no one wants to deal with but when you have them at home, you really have to find a way to get rid of these pesky creatures because they can literally destroy your home, bit by bit!

One way to catch these creatures is to put sticky fly traps along their usual pathways but because that can also affect other pets, that is discouraged. Another is to use poisonous bait; however, such is not advisable if there are kids around. The most effective option is probably hiring an exterminator but that is also the most expensive!

So, what can you do to get rid of these mice without resorting to such methods?

Screenshot from video by Shawn Woods / YouTube

YouTuber Shawn Woods has found a great way to do it – and it’s cheap, too!

All you need is a deep bucket, a rolling rod, some wood ramps, and bait such as peanut butter. Make sure that the rolling rod fits the diameter of the bucket. Then, put some bait in the middle to attract the pests.

To ensure that the rats can reach the rolling log with the bait, you should put ramps on either side. You’re all set.

Just put this in places where your pets can’t reach, of course, as they might damage the ramp and the rolling rod.

Watch how it’s done in this video and tell us how many rats and mice you caught…

While the mouse trap promises to be effective, it has been met with mixed reactions after several netizens commented that this borders on animal cruelty. After all, the mice and rats drown in the water inside the trap.

Some suggest that no water is placed inside that bucket and that the creatures collected are simply placed in a bag and released in some nearby woods. The problem with that is that 1) it does not solve the rat problem and 2) many of the creatures could escape the bucket.

What can you say about this?

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