Environmentalist Dies Fighting for What She Believes in

Berta Caceras paid with her life when she fought against the government.  Sadly, she is only one of the many environmentalists that have been a casualty of progress.

No one was prepared that day; they didn’t even know that such thing would happen as they came like a thief in the night.  Betty was about to sleep, when she heard a loud noise.  Gustavo Castro was there and heard the commotion, but he got frightened as he heard the loud shot.  He was safe, but the gunshot ended the life of Berta Caceras.

Before the murder, Caceras already knew that she was going to be killed that day.  She already told her daughter, Laura to learn to live without her. Her colleagues already knew that this would happen someday, but they just don’t know when.

berta caceras
Berta Caceras, before she got killed by the armed men. Here, she is speaking to a group of people back in 2015.  Photo credited to TheGuardian


Caceras was an activist against the government’s project, the construction of the dam in river that has been in the care of the Lenca people.  Honduras is among the most violent countries in the world, wherein you would be killed for fighting for something.

She is not alone as there are lots of people getting killed in the country, just because they want to save nature.  Ever since, the government was established back in 2009, reports about people getting killed has reached 109, all of which got killed because they stand to fight for nature.   According to Global Witness, the most violent and dangerous year for the killings was in 2015.

These are not isolated incidents — they are symptomatic of a systematic assault on remote and indigenous communities by state and corporate actors,” said Global Witness’s chief campaigner, Billy Kyte.

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