Extremely Tense Moment Captured on Cam when a Man Shows-off and Bets $35,000 Chips on a single Roulette Number

Pedro Grendene Bartelle shows-off a bet of $35,000 worth of chips for the number 32 roulette number at Hotel Conrad casino in Uruguay. If you think that is not too big for gamblers, the annual minimum wage for Uruguay is only $4,500.

Image: YouTube / Casino Online

Pedro is definitely not a minimum wage earner and he looked so calm when he casted the bet. It gained a lot of attention and one onlooker decided it was a moment that needs to be captured in camera.

The air was very tense as the spectators wait for the roulette result. Suddenly, shouts were heard all over the casino as the roulette stopped on number 32. Pedro is then seen celebrating with the crowd for the amazing $3.5 million win in roulette.

Pedre is the head of the shoe company Vulcatraz-Azaelia SA. No wonder he is just so cool about the huge amount of bet. It is unclear if he has made similar amount of bets previously but he definitely got it big this time.

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