In many families (including ours!), dogs are the first babies before the human ones come along. So, when the human babies do arrive, it is important to make sure the humans and the dogs meet.

Also, it is important to remember that just like older siblings dogs can feel jealous, too. So, the first meeting can be tense if you do not have an idea what to do.

Here’s a cool tutorial of sorts from YouTube user Alexey M who personally introduced the newborn baby with the dog – and succeeded in creating a new family bond of love between the “elder” child-dog and the newborn one. Isn’t this adorable?

Here’s the cute video:

Our dogs also loved meeting our firstborn baby but because it was my husband who was holding the bundle first, they thought I stole the baby when it was my turn to hold – and one of them growled! The lesson here is that even if you know all your dogs by heart and believe they would not harm the baby, they just might. So, never leave the baby alone with the dogs, even with the gentlest ones.