A family who released balloons at the dad’s grave on Father’s Day was shocked to later find these at their own home located 25 miles away! What are the chances that the balloon you released that far away would find a way to your own home, anyway?

The man’s widow and their daughter visited his grave on Father’s Day and thought it would be great to send him a “letter to heaven”. So, they attached a note to the balloons, also asking whoever finds the balloons to send them back the letter. What they did not know is that the balloons would be waiting for them at home, when they get back.

After going to the cemetery, the two went to town and ran some errands. Arriving home, the daughter went to the field like she usually does to contemplate on things but was shocked to see the balloons tangled up at the fence. She was sure those were the exact balloons they sent to her dad because the message was still intact!

Could it be that her dad’s spirit sent the balloons back to their home as a “reply” to their message?

Watch this video…It gave me goosebumps!