Family Shocked to Find Mom at Their Doorstep, Forty Years After They ‘Buried’ Her for Dying from Snake Bite!

Back in 1976, a woman died after getting bitten by a cobra. The grieving family ‘buried’ her in the river – but they would be shocked when she ‘comes back to life’ forty years later and arrives at their doorstep! But how did that happen?

According to The Times of India, a woman named Vilasa from Inayatpur village in Majahwan, India had gone to the fields to collect fodder from the fields when she was bitten by a cobra. She was brought to a healer but was declared dead.

Her family immersed her in Ganga River [Ganges] to bury her, as is the ritual in their village.

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What they did not know is that the snake bite had only slowed down her heartbeat and made her unconscious but she was actually alive! Her body floated a few meters downstream and was carried by the current towards another village.

Some boatmen found her floating. They rescued her and she was revived by a resident in that village; however, she could not recall her name or where she’s from or what had happened to her. So, the villagers took her in and she became a resident there.

Photo credit: The Times of India

Just recently, however, her memory suddenly returned. She told a village girl about it and the girl’s uncle contacted someone he knew from Vilasa’s village who recalled that he had attended her funeral some forty years ago!

They immediately brought her to her old home – and her daughters were shocked to find their dead mom very much alive on their doorstep! They confirmed that it was really her through her birthmark – and the now 82-year-old Vilasa also recognized her daughters now.

What a strange but wonderful reunion…

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