Farmer Gives His Reward Money to the Kidnapped Girl He Rescued

Earl Melchert, a 65-year-old farmer from Barrett, Minnesota, was on his way to work when he made the last minute decision to return to his home and pick up something. It was during this time that he found Jasmine Block, the Alexandria teenager who has been reported missing since August 8.

The 15-year-old girl was kidnapped and held against her will by three men for nearly a month before she was able to escape on September 5.

Immediately after recognizing the missing girl, Earl got her inside his truck and called 911.

Image from Alexandria Police Department

Jasmine’s family offered a reward of $2,000 while an anonymous donor added $5,000. As Jasmine’s rescuer, Earl was offered the reward money. However, he turned the offer down and presented the money to Jasmine and her mother, Sarah. He called the teenage girl ‘the real hero’.

Earl said that he happened to be at the right place, at the right time, and he did what he had to do. He also added that the reward money means absolutely nothing for him and that Jasmine and Sarah deserves to have it.

Meanwhile, Jasmine is slowly easing into her normal routine and she is now back to her classes.