Father and Son Build Giant Transformers from Scrap Metals

Turning trash and scraps into something useful definitely helps save the environment. However, making something extraordinary from scraps is a great combination of recycling, art and profit.

A father and son duo from southeastern China created giant Transformer robots from scrap car parts. Their output was very good and it helped them turn a bonding project in something that is actually earning profits.

Photo: Visual China Group

Yu Zhilin and his son Lu Yingyun, started creating Transformer robots when the movie franchise gained popularity in China. Their art works were amazing and it helped them gain popularity and turn their little projects into something profitable.

Photo: Visual China Group

They started creating bigger and bigger replicas including the giant Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. It was tough work but it was worth it when both giant replicas went viral online and helped them be known across China and the rest of the world. As a result, most of their works were sold and displayed in malls across China.

Photo: Visual China Group

Yu Zhilin was a farmer but he has background in fine arts. At first he only created the robots to have something to do during his spare time and bond with his son but it turned out to be something they are now spending time with. They are now earning out of it and they should be because Transformers are expected to be always popular even in the future.

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