Have you gone to the zoo? As a kid, I enjoyed those special field trips to the zoo because I loved seeing the animals up close – though I would not dare play with the lion the same way the fearless toddler in this video did!

Call me a scaredy-cat but there’s just something about a lion pouncing on you that sticks to the mind enough to give me nightmares later on, even if there is a glass barrier between us!

So, I really had to commend this kid for his bravery…especially because I am not too sure whether the lion was playing with him or was actually trying to claw at the glass to get him. But the boy’s fearlessness was amazing. Congrats, kid, for being so brave in the face of danger…imagined or real.

Here’s the video…Do you think the lion was playing with the toddler or was it trying to eat him?