Fed Up Father Ties Son to a Ladder and Submerges Him Underwater as Punishment for Misbehavior

How do you discipline a misbehaving child?

An alarming video circulating on Chinese social media showing the way a father disciplines his child had raised the concern of many viewers after they found it disturbing.

Shown in the horrifying video which happened in Yueyang, China, was a 13-year-old boy who was tied to a ladder face down and placed in the middle of a pond while his father repeatedly submerges him underwater.

Photo : Shanghaiist

The boy was seen coming up gasping for air and spitting water while begging and uttering, “I’ll change! I’ll change!” And his father replied with, “Then change!” before submerging him again underwater.

Photo : Chismix

As it was not specified in the video what the son did to provoke his father, it appeared that the father had grown tired of his son’s misbehavior.

The video then earned various reactions from the viewers.  Some were horrified while some applauded the father for his actions saying children nowadays tend to be spoiled brats and undisciplined.

As of this writing, the fact was not established whether the incident was being subjected for investigation by the local police.

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