Florist Earns Praise for Job Offer to Guy Who Vandalized Her Delivery Car

If someone vandalized your car or some other property like your business and your home, how would you react?

Of course, it is easy to understand if you want to lash out on that vandal and make sure he goes to jail; that’s the usual reaction that most people will have, out of anger. But one lady in New South Wales, Australia had such a difference response to the situation that she has gained much praise on the internet.

Jessica Eckford-Aguilera owns Newcastle Flower Markets in New South Wales. Last April 10, she arrived at her flower shop to find that someone had wrote large but rather incorrigible letters at the back of her delivery van.

Photo credit: Facebook – Newcastle Flower Markets / Jessica Eckford-Aguilera

Thinking that a teen or child must have done this, she posted a photo of the vandalized van on Facebook – and actually offered the offender a job!

We would also like to offer the offender this! If you are bored and have nothing else to do I would like to offer you a job at the Newcastle Flower Markets,” Eckford-Aguilera wrote.

A job that will teach you responsibility, a job that will teach you to have respect for other people’s belongings and job that you will feel wanted and cared for.

Many people were rather surprised that she could be so forgiving and that she would even offer a job to the offender! But she shrugged off the matter, saying that everyone deserves a second chance and that she strongly believed the teen or kid would learn from this one mistake.

The cops, however, had bad news for Eckford-Aguilera: the offender was an adult who was ******** that same night for another police matter.

Photo credit: Facebook – Newcastle Flower Markets / Jessica Eckford-Aguilera

There’s certainly been a little bit of negativity but I think at the rnd of the day if we can try make a change, it makes us all feel good.

We’d be creating a job for this person, it’s about teaching him responsibility and it’s other people’s product that they need to take responsibility for.

We all get lost, everyone’s got a story to tell and I think that his life has been spiralling out of control for quite some time. I just want to put an olive branch out there and hopefully he takes it up,” Eckford-Aguilera explained.

Amazingly, despite knowing the offender was an adult who had been ******** for another crime, the florist said the job offer still stands.

Can you believe that? What an amazing lady.

Photo credit: Facebook – Newcastle Flower Markets / Jessica Eckford-Aguilera

The store has since been flooded with job applications as well as orders. We hope things will turn out for the best, not just for Eckford-Aguilera but also for the offender.