You have probably heard about the foreigners in Hey Joe Show who all speak Bisaya fluently. They made a name for themselves in the field of entertainment after creating parodies of various songs or simply by speaking their slang version of the local language.

They have made another cool video, this time about the tell-tale signs that you are a Filipino…and it is hilarious!

I believe many of us can relate with the points raised in this video. For example, these guys said you are Pinoy if you use your fingers to measure the water when cooking rice. I totally agree with that! When we were young, being able to cook rice perfectly just using that method already gives you bragging rights among your peers! I bet you know how to perfectly measure the water using your fingers only…

There are other hilarious and easily relatable signs in this video. Have fun watching them here:

What do you think of the video? I hope no one found their actions offensive because though they appear to have been making fun of Filipinos, the group is also well known for their love of the Philippines and its people.