What happens if everything that we wish for came true? Surely, we would be very happy, right? Well, that really depends on a number of factors, including how you worded your wish, what the wish was all about, and what would be the effect if the wish actually came true.

Take for example this hilarious skit shared by OMG Social on Facebook, showing a woman crying (and screaming) her heart out during her partner’s funeral service. She certainly did not want to part with her loved one; so, she wished for Jesus to take her instead of him.

As luck would have it, Jesus was listening and was immediately at the door, calling for her to come with him. The shocked woman changed her mind, saying she does not like to go with him and that Jesus could take away her partner; however, the wish had been spoken and Jesus woke the dead man so his partner could take his place.

The next moments were crazier…Check them out in this video (Note: This is just a comedy skit to show just what could possibly happen if all our wishes came true; it was not meant to be a blasphemous interpretation of Jesus):