Gorgeous Russian Lady Quits Job, Sacrifices Rich Life after Falling in Love with Poor Chinese Coal Miner

A coal miner’s job is literally hard and dirty – and life in a mining village can be extremely difficult yet one Russian lady willingly left her rich life to live in a shabby mining shack after falling in love with a poor Chinese coal miner, all because of love!

According to the Shanghaiist, Sophia hails from Russia but went to the border city of Heihe to study how to speak Mandarin and to learn more about the Chinese culture. In the five years that she stayed there, she was able to speak Mandarin quite fluently.

She went back to her hometown and found a job at a company there. It was while she was in Russia that she met coal miner Chen Jingyang through WeChat. The two fell in love even while they were chatting using the app – and Chen wooed Sophia by asking friends and relatives living in her city to bring her flowers.

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After a week of dating, Sophia took a leave from her job to visit Chen. But if you think living in a shabby mining shack with frogs and rats aplenty would change her mind about her poor Chinese coal miner boyfriend, you’re wrong.

While she admitted that it was one of the most difficult times in her life, it was also the happiest she’s ever been! In fact, she enjoyed her stay with Chen that she actually quit her job to live with him at the mining shack! She clearly didn’t mind living in that dirty place and using outdoor toilets as long as she was with the love of her life.

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It was a year and a half after they first met that Chen proposed to Sophia – and she said “yes”!

They were soon married in a simple ceremony attended by family at a hotel in Heihe city, Heilongjiang province close to where they were living.

Photo credit: News 163

She didn’t mind that Chen was not able to provide her with a car and a house as his Chinese tradition dictates but the two are planning to get back to Russia where they would start a business and work towards building a warm home with their future children. They are also planning to also get married in a formal ceremony in Russia.

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