Guy Goes Viral for Using Broken Laptop to Finish School Works, Gets Surprise Gift from Acer

In our modern world today,  most of us have a social media account, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. This means that anything we post and share on social media has the potential to reach millions of people and go viral. And if you’re lucky enough, what you post through social media can reach the right people and you get a reward. This is just the case for a young teen who went viral after photos of him using a broken laptop to finish his school works were posted.

Just recently, photos of a student using a laptop to work on his assignment went incredibly viral on Twitter because the laptop was in a somewhat awful condition. Is it even fit to be called a laptop? 

The student, named Yeop, and his friend Herman had tweeted the pictures below and it quickly went viral.

Photo credit: Twitter

Looking at the picture, the laptop screen was taped to a cardboard box while the keyboard/body of the laptop (or what’s left of it) was somehow holding on and barely usable. The hinges may be broken but at least the motherboard and screen is still working.

Aside from that, the original keyboard from the laptop has been removed, in order to type, Yeop had plugged in an external keyboard. (Thankfully, the USB port is still working.) Looking at the photos, it looks like he was finishing a school paper using his improvised laptop.

Photo credit: Twitter

The photos quickly went viral on social media, and what’s more, it even caught Acer’s attention! Acer was so impressed with his determination that the company actually gave him a surprise gift! Isn’t it amazing? Acer actually rewarded him with a brand new laptop, Acer Nitro 5.

Photo credit: Twitter

This incident was indeed heartwarming and amusing at the same time because Herman’s effort in retweeting those pictures has turned out to be fruitful.

Photo credit: Twitter
Now, Yeop has a brand new laptop to use for his assignments. I hope he will continue to persevere with his studies using his new Nitro 5. What do you think of his story? Share this inspiring story to your friends and loved ones!
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