Guy Sent Home for Wearing Shorts, Returns to Work Wearing a Dress

If ladies in the office were allowed to wear dresses above the knee and a pair of sandals on hot summer days, call center agent Joey Barge decided that he should wear shorts because it would be a similar thing, right?

Well, he’s wrong. The management didn’t think shorts for men were equivalent to skirts and dresses for women – even if he was wearing a polo and decent walking shorts.

He posted a photo on Twitter, sharing his outfit for the day. It was captioned, “If women can wear skirts/dresses at work can I wear smart shorts like so?

Photo credit: Joey Barge / Twitter

He would later reveal that he was sent home. In protest of his office’s action, Barge came back to work in a dress.

Photo credit: Joey Barge / Twitter

Before he went back to work, he snapped another photo of him in a black and pink dress. He posted a snapshot similar to the one he previously posted, captioning it, “See you soon, twitter. I’ll be sent home soon.

Photo credit: Joey Barge / Twitter

But his bosses finally saw the humor and wisdom in his silent protest. Instead of sending him home again, he was allowed to work in that dress. Later that day, the management sent a memo to the employees that males are now allowed to wear shorts as long as these are not in bright colors but just in navy blue, black, or beige.

Barge thinks this was a partial but hopes that companies would stop imposing dress codes to their employees as this shows that the management does not trust its employees, who are all adults of course, to dress themselves properly.

Photo credit: Joey Barge / Twitter

Do you agree that he actually looks better in the dress?

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