Now that we do not have to send our pictures to a store to have them developed so we could see the photographs, a lot of things have changed in the way we take photos.

For example, in the past, people would often pose for more formal photographs because they just do not want to waste the film on crazy shots. These days, we can all take one crazy photograph after another, leaving the more formal photographs for last because we can. The camera’s battery and memory capacity are the only hindrance to these unlimited photo sessions but considering how we can buy lots of memory cards for a cheap prize these days, that factor is really negligible.

This era also saw an increase in selfies which, more often than not, go to social media for bragging rights. It seems that the crazier the selfie, the more “likes” and shares it would get on social media.

But do we really have to go to the extreme and dabble with dangerous stuff just to get the ultimate selfie? I don’t thinks so! Still, there are many who aim to achieve the craziest, most dangerous selfies just for the sake of a few minutes of fame…

Watch this video by Keepin it Karl to check out some of these crazy selfies: