Having Problems with Really Bad Breath? Perhaps You Have Tonsil Stones

A lot of people have no idea that tonsil stones actually exist – have you heard of them before?

While not too many people have heard of tonsil stones, they are actually a common occurrence among people; although the problem is not often diagnosed because the stones don’t really lead to serious medical problems and major symptoms, one really bad effect of having tonsil stones is having really bad breath! Oooooops.

Tonsil stones are really gross and people don’t really want to talk about the topic of bad breath. In fact, a lot of people are in denial that they even have bad breath at all!

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But if you have problems with bad breath, perhaps you might want to get your tonsils checked by a dentist or an EENT doctor so that the proper diagnosis can be done and the stones removed, if you have them.

It is often hard to tell whether you have tonsil stones because these often come in small sizes, mostly as small as a grain of rice. Despite their small size, however, the stones can become bad breath ‘bombs’ as they are a favorite breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

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So, if you feel like you have a problem with bad breath and couldn’t understand why it won’t go away with regular toothbrushing and using of mouthwash, have your tonsils checked. Physical removal of the tonsil stones can get rid of the problem.

Check out this informative video and learn more about tonsil stones: