In a marathon, it is always the fastest and fittest contestants who win the trophy and the hearts of the crowd yet the recent Boston Marathon has a different champion – and he was the last one to reach the finish line!

Everyone had finished hours ago but Maickel Melamed was determined to make his way to the finish line, even if it meant struggling for over 20 hours to walk 26.2 miles (42 km). The 39-year-old Venezuelan man walked his way from start to finish, all the while struggling as his muscles protested.

Maickel has muscular dystrophy. Race was grueling even for the fittest contestants, so you could only imagine just how difficult it was for him to move his body yet he persisted. Never once did he think of giving up because of his condition.

The rains also kept him from going any faster than he would have wanted yet Maickel pushed himself step after step until he reached the finish line!

He never had the chance to win the race. He was the last finisher, after all, yet he won the heart of the crowd. Here’s a video of them cheering for him at the end of the race:

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