What it is with homeless people that make them scary and hateful to most of us? Is it because they look ugly, dirty, and smell bad? Is it because their appearance broadcasts their poverty and we are afraid that they will rob us? Such things happen, of course, but there is a story that proves to us that we should not judge people by how they look…

One shop owner is always angry each morning when he opens up his shop because a dirty homeless guy is often sleeping by the front door. Even if the homeless guy is not doing anything except sleeping there, the shop owner would angrily make him go away. Sometimes, he would pour a bucket of water on the guy or chase him away with a broomstick.

Then, after yet another abusive episode from the shop owner, the homeless guy was finally gone. This actually came as a surprise to the old guy. Each day, he would open the shop and see the empty doorway.

Days after having an empty doorway, he was curious as to what had really happened to the homeless guy; so, he reviewed the CCTV footage. The truth soon had him reeling and tears fell down his cheeks…

Watch the story unfold in this video by CCTV company Vizertech:

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