On the day of his wedding, Manny learned a shocking secret about his bride, a secret that would make his life a living hell in the future: she would die in an accident involving a drunk driver. His future self had repeatedly gone back to the past in hopes of preventing his wife’s death yet all his 100 attempts were unsuccessful.

Heartbroken with the knowledge that he could never bring her back, Manny’s future self decides to go to the one who was about to get married – so he would not marry the girl. This would enable them to save their selves from the future heartache of watching her die in the accident and living a meaningless life without her.

Knowing the future and the heartbreak it would bring him, will the present Manny cancel the wedding or will he fight for his love, no matter if it would break him (again) in the future? His choice will surely leave you in tears…

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