You really can’t tell whether a kid is just fooling around with an adult’s instruments or whether he/she knows how to use it until you watch and hear them play.

So, when I found a video of 10-year-old Toby Lee on YouTube, I thought he was just fooling around with his dad’s guitar. He was dressed in a tiger onesie that further highlights his young age – and I was not prepared to take him seriously until he began plucking some notes on the guitar. This boy turns out to be marvelous!

Toby’s incredible talent shows in the way he effortlessly plucked through the notes of “The Thrill Is Gone” by blues legend B.B. King who also happens to be his idol and the reason why he was making the video. At the time he was making the clip (April 2015), B.B. King was battling diabetes-related health issues in a hospice.

The legendary guitarist passed away a month later but it is easy to see this boy is bound to follow his idol’s footsteps and become a great musician…

Check out his soulful rendition of B.B. King’s song in this video:

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